What is Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Procedure?

tile and grout bannerAt Elite Remediation and Services we started our cleaning service with a single goal in mind. This goal includes having the best customer experience you can imagine. We specialize in tile and grout cleaning. At Elite Remediation and Services we do not apply a color stain to just mask the dirt and then peel off later. We like to be transparent about our practices, so in this post, we’re sharing our process for tile and grout cleaning.

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Our tile & grout cleaning technician is going to walk through with the customer to inspect the space before any cleaning services, stain washing, or sealing starts. The technician will identify possible permanent stains and provide you an assessment of the expected outcome.

Move Your Furniture

Our standard prices include moving tables, chairs, and smaller furnishings. Heavier furniture pieces are left in place underneath our regular price structure. Our consultant may quote the precise expense for heavier pieces of furniture.

Alkaline Pre-spray

An alkaline solution gets applied to break down general spots and organic soils. It enables a more thorough tile & grout cleaning service and stain wash for your residence.

Grout Agitation

All grout valleys get targeted for agitation to break down the accumulation of soil and enable deeper penetration of the cleaning agent.

A High Pressure Rinse

Within the process of tile stain washing and grout cleaning, the target spaces are completely rinsed using a high-pressure removal system which leaves behind no messes.

Restorer Pre-spray

Acidic tile & grout cleaning solution gets applied in order to restore its previous appearance.

Grout Sealing and Post Cleaning Inspection

To assist in preventing future grout staining, a grout sealer is applied to the newly cleaned grout.

We adhere to all Covid-19 Protocols

• We’ll use a mask while servicing your residence
• We disinfect all equipment, hoses, and tools between every appointment
• We exercise social distancing and adhere to all CDC best practices concerning sick employees
• We offer no-contact service

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