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Once water damages your business or home, the damage it leaves behind will continuously escalate, the longer personal possessions or materials are allowed to stay damp. There are health risks that are involved with water damage. Extended water damage may possibly cause problems with allergies and asthma. In not taking action immediately you run the risk of placing your own and your family member’s health at risk.

Mold may start growing in as little as 48 to 72 hours. It’s the reason why you should take action immediately to remove all water and completely dry the structure out. The longer your building materials and belongings remain saturated with moisture, the greater the risk is that they’ll be damaged and/or cause the beginning of a mold problem.

Elite Restoration & Services has offered commercial and residential water damage restoration all throughout the Indianapolis area for over 20 years. Our crew has the expertise to steer you through the whole process, from inspection of water damage to full restoration. Elite can also work with your insurance provider to make this process go more smoothly. If your commercial building or home sustains any quantity of sewage or water damage, call us today at (317) 997-4305 for a free assessment.

Indianapolis Water Extraction and Water Damage Restoration Services

In the majority of instances, no two kinds of water intrusion are exactly the same. There might be different amounts of water, different kinds of materials damaged, and a lot of other factors to take into account. That is why we provide so many water damage restoration services. We know that every situation is different and we always offer the right options to restore your home or business. Some of our most sought-after water damage restoration services include:

  • Demolition of Buckling Wood Floors
  • Removal of Fixtures
  • Removal of Trim and Baseboards 
  • Padding Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Drywall Replacement and Removal 
  • Damage on Drywall
  • Toilet Overflow Damage Cleanup
  • Commercial Water Restoration
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction
  • …and much more.

If you’ve experienced water intrusion requiring a service that isn’t listed above, call us right away. We’re confident knowing that we’re able to serve you!

Indications That You Might Be in Need of Water Cleanup Repair

Even the smallest amount of water may cause a major issue if it isn’t quickly detected. It may spread, turn to mold, and ultimately be a harmful health risk. Water damage, unfortunately, does not always show itself in major water leaks or in large dark spots. That is the reason why it is so important to be familiar with some of the common indications that you might be in need of water damage repairs, which includes:

  • Peeling Paint – Might be a sign of water leaking then  wearing the paint down
  • Higher Water Bill – Might be a sign of a broken, burst, or leaking pipe
  • Discolored Surfaces – Possible water stains from standing water
  • Noticeable Mildew or Mold – An indication of extra wet or damp state
  • Damp Smells – A certain indication of water accumulation in your house
  • Pooling Water
  • Cupping or Creaking Floors – It’s an indication that excessive dampness is already impacting the floors
  • Dripping Water Sounds – It might be a leaking fixture or pipe

There are 3 kinds of potential water damage:

  • Clean Water-Typically, these losses stem from broken and frozen pipes, roof leaks, water heater leaks, ice maker hoses, etc.
  • Gray Water- It’s water which has been utilized to clean something and thereby might contain soiling or contamination like body oils, laundry soap, food, etc. Generally, gray water damage originates from spas, tub overflows, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.
  • Black Water -Typically, this water category stems from toilet, septic and sewer system overflows or back-ups and contains animal and/or human waste. Black water will carry thousands of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa and may lead to extremely severe illnesses if not properly treated.

If you see any of the above in your commercial building or home, Elite Remediation & Services will help you! We provide those who live in and around Indianapolis water damage mitigation and restoration that will get your home or business back to its original shape. You do not want to put off repairing these types of problems because not only are they going to cost you more in repairs, but you are wasting money through your energy bill, water bill, and much more. If this does not bother you, the possible growth of mold and extra wetness in your business or home will be a danger to everyone who lives in the building. Your customers and family members might suffer severe lung issues, which includes difficulty breathing and even possible death if the mold continuously grows. Mold is a severe threat to a property and is not something you should take lightly. Speak with one of our pros today if you have seen any indications of mildew or mold damage in your business/home.

Our Process of Water Damage Cleanup

If you never have experienced water damage before, you might not even be familiar with how Elite Remediation & Services go about eliminating it. It depends on your unique circumstances, we have a process of damage cleanup that enables us to efficiently work to restore your home or business.

Our main priority includes getting that damaging water out, as soon as possible. Next, our Indianapolis experienced water removal and extraction professionals will dry out then  decontaminate your property. Because the longer any water sits in the basement, the more damage to drywall, electrical systems, and baseboards which, within a worst-case scenario, might all have to be replaced and removed. 

We’ll do our very best to help you avoid this type of costly situation by providing our 24/7 emergency services and we’re 100% trained in safe removal. As the best option for water damage restoration in Indianapolis, it’s possible to rest assured knowing that if we must remove items, we’ll have the proper crew to replace them. Our highly experienced staff will always steer you through the process of water damage restoration so you know precisely what we’re doing. You never should have to operate an unsafe business or live inside an unsafe home.

STEP 1: 24 Hour Emergency Contact

The cleanup and restoration begins with a phone call. Elite Remediation is available 24 hours a day and ready to dispatch to your home or business. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate response is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of damage.

Step 2: Inspection and Water Damage Assessment

The water damage restoration process begins with a detailed inspection of your property, including a damage assessment. The Elite Remediation Professionals will determine the scope of the damage so they can develop an appropriate plan of action.

Identify and Stop the Water Source

We will check for the source of water in your home and business and stop it. The water source must be stopped before the drying process can begin.

  • Stop the Source
  • Check for Contaminated Water

Identify the Type of Water

Elite Remediation Professional must identify the category and classification of water to restore your property safely to industry specifications. The type of water contamination will affect the specific restoration processes used to restore your property.

  • White / Category 1 Water
  • Gray / Category 2 Water
  • Black / Category 3 Water

Survey the Extent of the Water Damage and Inspect the Premises

We will inspect and test your home to discover the extent of the damage. Additionally, we will look for safety concerns and explain them to you. If you are aware of any safety issues, such as asbestos or lead, please share them.

  • Survey Damage
  • Complete Safety Inspection

Move or Block Furniture

We will move furniture and property contents and block items to help prevent rust or furniture stains
on wet carpet.

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Marion, Hendricks, Boone, Clinton, Hamilton, Hancock, Shelby, Johnson & Morgan Counties

*Surrounding Areas are covered as well



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Step 3: Water Removal / Water Extraction

The water extraction step removes most of the water from your home or property. By performing a thorough water extraction, Elite Remediation Professionals help reduce the drying time and help to prevent mold and secondary water damage. They use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.

Move-Out / Pack-Out

If your home requires extensive restoration or cleaning, Elite Remediation Professionals can conduct an organized, efficient move-out to protect your belongings from further damage.

  • Move-Out Service

Emergency Water Removal

Highly trained technicians will begin the water removal process almost immediately. Depending on the amount of water, they may use powerful submersible pumps in addition to industrial strength, wet/dry vacuums. This step helps to reduce drying time and helps to prevent mold and secondary water damage.

  • Remove Excess Water
  • Use Submersible Pumps and Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums

Inspect the Carpet Pad and Carpet

Elite Remediation Professionals inspect the carpet and pad and determine if it should be removed to protect the subfloor.

  • Inspect Carpet Pad and Remove If Needed
  • Inspect Carpet and Remove If Needed

Water Removal Equipment

  • Moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • Infrared cameras may be used to find “hidden” water behind walls and ceilings.
  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps are used for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Truck-mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

After the water removal step, your floors and walls may look dry at first glance, but they are still wet to the touch. Most building materials, like drywall and wood, are porous and will retain significant water. The retained water will cause these materials to warp, swell, or break down and can also cause mold damage.

Drying / Dehumidification

Elite Remediation Professionals will manipulate temperature and relative humidity to remove the remaining moisture. They use specialized equipment, including industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, to remove water retained by building materials and other hard-to-access moisture. They’ll carefully monitor the progress using moisture meters until the materials return to acceptable drying goals.

  • Use Dehumidification Equipment
  • Use Monitoring Equipment to Track Progress

Monitor Floor and Walls

They check the moisture levels to monitor the drying process.

  • Monitor Floors
  • Monitor Walls

Drying Equipment

  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers help prevent secondary water damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture.
  • High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, which accelerates the evaporation of moisture.

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Step 5: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Your property’s walls, floors, and other surfaces will likely need professional cleaning treatments. Besides cleaning your property’s structure, Elite Remediation Professionals will also clean your belongings, like furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other restorable personal items, damaged by the water. Flooding and water damage often require odor removal and deodorization treatments, since wet materials have an unpleasant odor.

Contents Restoration

Elite Remediation Professionals specialize in restoring contents damaged by fire, water, or mold. Their expertise and “restore” versus “replace” mentality can help you save money while preserving precious keepsakes, including photos and other personal items that can’t be replaced.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Spray and Wipe
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning

​Odor Removal and Deodorization

Elite Remediation Professionals are trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors with industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. This equipment can effectively treat serious and persistent odors that typical air fresheners and similar treatments can’t.

  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Air Scrubbers and Fogging Equipment

Sanitizing Treatments

Depending on the scenario, they may use antimicrobial, antibacterial, or disinfectant treatments to clean your property.

  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Treatments
  • Sanitizing and Disinfectant Treatments


Elite Remediation Professionals will remove and dispose of damaged materials with guidance from you and your insurance adjuster.

  • Properly Dispose of Refuse

Step 6: Restoration

Restoration, the final step, is the process of restoring your home or business to its pre-water damage condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or may entail major repairs, such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

Emergency Building Services

When your home has been damaged by a storm or water, the immediate concern may include temporary protective measures to prevent additional damages, like placing a roof tarp.

  • Board-Up
  • Roof Tarp
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Move-Out / Pack-Out
  • Temporary Warehouse Space

Repairs and Minor Building Services

The following building and repair services may be necessary to restore your home to pre-water damage condition.

  • Drywall Removal and Installation
  • Hardwood Floor Repair
  • Tile Floor Repair
  • Painting
  • Carpet Repair and Installation

Building Services and Reconstruction

Elite Remediation Professionals can simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas. Having one qualified company for the entire process can save time and keep cost low. It can provide this continuity by supervising a full range of restoration services that will bring a building back to full functionality.