Is your Grout Always Dirty?

dirty groutTile is fairly simple to clean. On the flip side, grout is notoriously hard to clean. When grout gets clean, keeping it consistently clean also can be quite the task. If the grout appears dirty or is a magnet for dirt, there are lasting, real solutions out there.

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Why is Grout so Difficult to Clean?

It’s porous, meaning it absorbs grime, dirt, spills, and additional unwanted substances. Occasionally those contaminants may be removed utilizing regular methods of cleaning, like mopping, sweeping, and periodic scrubbing. Once contaminants get deeply embedded inside the grout’s pores, traditional methods of cleaning won’t generate the desired outcome. During this point there’s two options: professional cleaning or aggressive do-it-yourself methods.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning will flush contaminants out which become trapped inside the grout, sanitizing the floors and providing them a fresh, clean appearance. The majority of the time, deep cleaning by professionals produces the desired results. Qualified stone & tile restoration technicians understand how to choose and appropriately utilize chemicals to accomplish the best results without having to cause damage.

Why is Grout so Difficult to KEEP Clean?

When your tile & grout floors get clean, whether you performed it on your own or had the professionals do it on your behalf, within a couple of weeks, you might see grout lines beginning to turn a darkish color. If grime and dirt are just coating the grout’s surface, just damp mop and sweep to remove any discolorations. If grout lines remain dark, it’s because the grout’s pores are filling with contaminants once again, and these contaminants seeped down underneath the surface.

Why Grout Occasionally Appears Dirty When it’s Actually Clean?

Occasionally, once grout gets permanently stained or possesses an uneven look because of incorrect blending of grout while installing, neither aggressive do-it-yourself techniques nor expert cleaning will generate a completely clean, uniform look. The floor might be sanitized, but still have a “grimy” look.

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