indianapolis image mapToo many commercial buildings and homes have been destroyed by smoke and fire in the Fortville area. Once it is all over and the firefighters have left, that is when the restoration and cleanup starts. Our seasoned fire damage pros at Elite Remediation & Services have the experience, equipment, skills, and knowledge to offer outstanding fire damage restoration in Fortville.

Common Kinds of Fires

Not all fire damage situations are the same. Elite Remediation & Services fire damage repair in Fortville is customized to each individual situation. Common kinds of fires involve:

  • Natural fires, where shrubs, bushes, and trees have burned and its smoke has penetrated a building’s structure from the outside, which leaves smoke odors and residue
  • The malfunctioning of an oil-fired furnace, which causes smoke to be distributed all throughout a house or commercial building
  • Protein fires, where food has burned inside the stove or oven, which leaves strong burnt-food scents and soot on surfaces 
  • Complex fires, where several natural and synthetic possessions have burned, which leaves synthetic smoke smells and black soot on surfaces and requires emergency mitigation

Kinds of Damage That Is Caused by Smoke and Fire

Smoke and fire damage may go way beyond the structures or items that burn:

  • Surfaces and walls may become stained in a few minutes.
  • Finishes on household appliances may turn yellow in only a couple of hours.
  • Smoke and ash left behind may continually cause corrosion and damage to materials.
  • Smoke may quickly tarnish metal and produce etching in glass inside a brief period of time.
  • Smoke and odors may linger in a structure or room long after a fire is put out and cause health issues if not thoroughly extracted.

Toxic Materials Discovered in Soot and Smoke During Fire Restoration

The level of toxicity of soot and smoke will depend upon the kinds of materials that are burned inside the fire. Kinds of toxic materials that are discovered in fire restoration might involve:

  • Asbestos fibers from materials used in the 50s to 80s.
  • Ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen, and tar from burnt carbon materials.
  • Dangerous chemicals that are caused by the partial oxidation of hydrocarbons that are released.
  • Hydrogen chloride, as well as a variety of toxic chemicals that are released once PVC gets burned.

Why Contact the Pros for Cleanup Following a Fire?

Residue that is left behind following a fire is a biohazard. The residue may lead to severe health issues if not dealt with correctly and thoroughly. Our expert fire damage clean up crew at Elite Remediation & Services in Fortville has the experience, equipment, and training to ensure that the project is done quickly and properly.

In some instances, time is critical with smoke and fire damage. Even after a fire gets put out, smoke may continuously cause damage, and corrode the structure, as well as its contents. Smoke which has coated or penetrated surfaces may continuously impact the composition of ceilings, walls, metals, tiles, and fabrics unless fully removed.

It’ll take a complete scope of state-of-the-art fire repair equipment and professional skills to securely remove all soot, ash, and smoke that may linger after a fire, which causes more property damage and poses a severe risk to your health. Our smoke and fire remediation crew will securely discard all contaminated floors, furnishings, materials, and insulation and work diligently to recover the valuables inside a structure that may be restored.

Experienced Smoke and Fire Restoration in Fortville

Fires are devastating to you, your belongings, and your family. It’s important that you contact a fire damage restoration expert as soon as you can to prevent more damage and salvage your belongings. In Fortville, Elite Remediation & Services provides professional, highly responsive, and superior fire damage restoration and repair services.outside of house after a fire

About Elite Remediation Team:

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  • 24/7 emergency house fire damage restoration service
  • BBB A+ rated

Smoke and fire restoration should quickly begin because the soot (smoke residue) is acidic and, if left untreated, may cause surfaces to corrode then permanently stain. Also, smoke damage restoration means eliminating the odor. Odor elimination is key because it might spread to clothing, carpeting, furnishings and even inside your air ducts.

Professional Fire and Smoke Damage in Fortville

Cleaning up a house that has been damaged by a fire may be a tedious and long project, and that is the reason why you want contractors like Elite Remediation & Service’s fire damage restoration team handling the work. Items like ceilings, walls, and air ducts must be correctly deodorized and cleaned.

If not correctly done, smoke molecules may stay embedded in materials a long time after cleanup, and continue to release the smoke smell. Our crew uses safe and innovative methods to extract the smell and restore your belongings and property to normal conditions.

Looking For Smoke and Fire Remediation Contractors Near Me

Elite Remediation & Services is a IICRC-certified, highly experienced, crew that has helped a countless amount of property owners and homeowners by tackling smoke damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and additional restoration and structural repair projects. We’ll work directly with major insurance providers. You can be confident knowing that we have the knowledge, equipment, and tools necessary to give you comprehensive and detailed fire damage restoration services.

If you are in need of fire damage remediation services in Fortville please contact Elite Remediation & Services today at (317) 997-4305.

Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

After an emotional occasion such as a property fire, handling the process of restoration may seem particularly overwhelming. At Elite Remediation and Services in Fortville, Indiana we know how stressful these types of situations can be.fortville map

That is why we will work with you—as well as your insurance provider—every step of the way. Between electrical, chemical, kitchen, and smoking-associated damage, it is vital that you recognize what causes the burn and what really burned to better treat the smoke and fire damage.

Our fire damage restoration professionals take care of the process of repair, in order for you to concentrate on caring for yourself and your family members.

For questions about any of our services call (317) 997-4305.

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