5 Mold Myths Debunked

Mold is among the most common issues that homeowners are faced with. It may develop swiftly based on temperature and time and might spread as quickly as 24 – 48 hours inside the house once moisture and water is present. Despite everything that’s known concerning mold, there still are many misconceptions. Here, we discuss the…

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Top 3 Household Appliances Causing the Most Fires

fire damage services

In 2015, house fires that were caused by household appliances led to $7B in property losses, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Structural damage wasn’t the only result. Around 13,000 injuries were sustained. House fires are so common that one is reported every 63 seconds. Below is a list of the top 3 household appliances…

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Tips for Removing Stains from Carpet

carpet stain removal

No matter how hard we try to avoid spilling things on carpet, accidents happen. Whether a friend dropped a glass of red wine at a party, your children knocked over a jar of paint or you dripped some spaghetti sauce as you served dinner, getting out the stain is the first thing you want to…

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Is your Grout Always Dirty?

dirty grout

Tile is fairly simple to clean. On the flip side, grout is notoriously hard to clean. When grout gets clean, keeping it consistently clean also can be quite the task. If the grout appears dirty or is a magnet for dirt, there are lasting, real solutions out there. If you wish to avail the tile…

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