3 Trends in Bathroom Tiles

With advice from the experts, we’ve identified the leading bathroom tile trends you should be watching for. They concentrate on patterns, shapes, colors, and finishes.

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Graphic Tile Patterns

breeze giannasio interiors

Image courtesy: Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Whether on the wall or the floor it is the ideal accent tile within any room!  Either in bold contrasting shades or soft subtle colors the intricate patterns that are available for the tiles will lure you in then capture your heart. The trend is #1 on the list because it is going to be, or actually, is already HUGE! Patterned tiles are going to continually increase in popularity. From ceramic to subway tiles, we can say without a doubt that graphic pattern tiles may be everywhere and anywhere especially in the bathroom.

Matte Finishes

superior renovations & construction

Image courtesy: Superior Renovations & Construction

If you’re on the lookout for understated elegance that has unspoken sophistication, try matte finish tiles. Also, they’re fantastic if you’re looking for an earthy style in the bathroom. However, if what you want is something a little more attention-grabbing and dramatic, glossy finish tiles are your best bet.

Neutral Bathroom Tiles

streetville project

Image courtesy: Streeterville Project

Contemporary designs make a lot of use of neutral colors and this is still the case for this year’s trends in bathroom tiles. Bright hues like yellow, red, and blue aren’t commonplace inside the bathroom and won’t be anytime soon. Homeowners instead are moving toward neutrals, especially nude neutrals like creams and grey.  Beige and grey have become ultra popular as matching neutrals.  In fact, a new color emerged by name and is featured on product selections, by the name of “Greige”.

For bathrooms needing a little more brightness, white is ideal.  A bathroom is made for relaxing and those hues reinforce that atmosphere. In being neutral, they permit the mind to remain relaxed and calm, which creates a sanctuary in your home. It’s possible to use those shades from the floor to the ceiling.

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